The Thing We Do for Freedom

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Frederick Douglass, Education Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: October 11, 2013
English 1301-203
September 2013
The Things We Do for Freedom
“Learning to Read and Write” sounds like a step by step introduction of learning how to read and write. Just reading the title makes the chapter seem tedious and mediocre. As if it were nothing except another chapter that was just sitting there gathering dust never to be read. After having read the chapter it become apparent that it was describing exactly what was happening. 1The chapter was saying that a person should always find a way to reach the goal that is most important to them. Fredrick Douglass was a slave for life until he ran away from his masters to head to New York. 2He first learned to read and write at his master’s house. He escapes to soon become a leader in abolition, an editor, participated in speaking tours and in 1845 he wrote an autobiography “Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass” (100). The objective of this particular chapter of the autobiography is to show that nothing should hinder a person from what they want. If Fredrick Douglass could have found a way to learn how to write and read without anyone telling him to do so. Then a person should be able to find a way to reach their goals. 3After all illiteracy at that point in time was common in both whites and blacks but the difference is that blacks should not be given the power of knowledge. Fredrick Douglass was temporarily schooled to read and write by his mistress who had been at that time “kind and tender-hearted” (100). 4She treated him as if he were just another human she could socialize with. Douglass had adored his mistress until her husband found out that she had been teaching him to read and write he tried forced her to not teach Douglass or let anybody else teach him to read and write. She was too soft hearted to put him in the dark and leave him there. She had at that point been so tender that she helped those in need even if they were not of her status. That all changed though once she was instructed on how...
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