The Theory of Evolution: Interpretation by Religious People

Topics: Creationism, Universe, Earth Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Explain how religious people might interpret the theory of evolution.

How religious believers should respond to the theory of evolution and other findings of modern science has become a burning issue in the modern world. At the heart of the problem is the question: can you believe in a God if you accept the theory of evolution and other modern scientific findings? Creationists all share the same approach towards Evolution in that it should be rejected. They claim that the status of the Bible should not be in question, nor should the question of God being the first cause of the Universe. Creationists have come up with lots of rejections to the theory of evolution and here are a few examples. Firstly, scripture id the inerrant Word of God and verbally inspired by God, thus it is literally true. Emphasis is based upon the truth of the biblical text as it is written, rather than on interpretations derived from scripture. Therefore, questions concerning the origin of life are answered in the Bible and not through the Theory of Evolution. Also, the theory of evolution appears to challenge the role of God as the Creator in Genesis 2 for instance when God makes Adam from dust. Not only does evolution challenge God’s status but also human beings as a distinct life form at the pinnacle of creation in Genesis. Creationists claim that the age of the earth can be calculated by reference to the bible by a few different ways, one of them by interpreting the Days of Creation (Genesis 1) as symbolic periods of times, such as 10,000 years. However, some types of religious believers accept the theory of evolution and also believe in God. The reason that modern religious believers accept the idea of God and evolution being compatible is because they believe that evolution is misinterpreted in people thinking that apes turn into humans as that completely goes against the idea of God being the creator. Theistic Evolution interprets Genesis 1 into evolution making it...
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