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SEEM5730 / ECLT5910 IT Management (2012-2013) Project Assignment You may need to make reasonable assumptions base on the descriptions given below. State all assumptions you need clearly in your analysis. ABC University (“ABCU”) is a small private university in Hong Kong with 20,000 full time students. ABCU is traditionally a teaching university in which information technology (“IT”) has not been well funded. In particular, there are only 20 full time IT staff who are responsible for all the IT related services provided by the university. Although there is free LAN access throughout the campus, there is no wireless connection. The following are some of IT issues identified by the officials of ABCU.  The present IT infrastructure has not been updated for more than four years. On the other hand, other universities in Hong Kong have regularly updated their IT infrastructure to ensure that IT can be used efficiently for teaching and academic related activities. In particular, IT has been used to provide web-based solutions in these other universities to streamline administrative and course material distribution tasks. Such web based solution does not exist in ABCU. There are complaints from the faculty and staff of ABCU that they are experiencing significant delays as they try to use the Internet for academic related activities. The currently web access approach is open meaning that access to web sites through Internet is not under controlled. It is found that there is an increasing in student’s downloading activities. The officials of ABCU are concerned that these may bring potential lawsuits to the university.

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The university would like to put IT on its strategic map to resolve the above issues. In particular, they would also like to build a total wireless campus, to form international partnerships with other academic institutions, to revamp the IT infrastructure to leverage IT for administrative and academic activities, and to replace all workstations and...
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