The Themes of the Lottery and the Rocking Horse Winner

Topics: Short story, Shirley Jackson, Stoning Pages: 3 (1350 words) Published: May 10, 2012
The Themes of The Lottery and The Rocking Horse Winner
In D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner and the Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery are different stories about different topics but have a similar ending. Each story teaches a lesson. If everyone where to sit down and read both of these short stories in a critical manner people’s lives would be changed for the better. The Lottery is a short story, third-person, objective. In short the citizens of this New England village gather at 10:00 AM on June 27 in the town square where the surrounding gives us a sense of a nonchalant attitude with children playing and adults chatting. Mr. Summers arrives with the black wooden box. He calls each family and the person chosen for that family goes to the front to draw a folded paper out of the box. When everyone is called and has their paper then everyone can open the paper. The picker with the black dot then takes their family and each family member chooses a paper out of the box. Again when each has their slip of paper the papers one opens it. The person with the black dot on their paper wins the Lottery. The irony comes when the lottery winner gets their prize of being stoned to death. This short story has at least two different themes associated with it. The first theme is the fact that people are reluctant to disband tradition. Most people don’t want to change from tradition because of change being scary. This has been seen thought out time. In 1776 we used this theme in order to keep with slavery. Then again in 1960’s it is used to allow racial segregation. It was used until 1919 to inhibit women from voting. This theme is not something that has just come about, it is has been part of our history longer than we can remember. Some people say another theme that can be found with in this short story is how “society wrongfully designates scapegoats to bear the sins of the community,” (The Lottery, 2012). This sacrificial offering has been used even in biblical times....
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