The Theme of Memory in Ancient Art

Topics: Homer, Greek mythology, Epic poetry Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: December 3, 2013
The theme of memory and forgetting are strong and deliberate in the stories we have studied in class. They are apparent in the content of the stories, however in this essay I am going to explore how they are apparent in the context of the stories. The context of the story can be just as important as the content, like how the context of artwork changes how people value it more than the piece itself. I will be explaining the similarities and differences between the different pieces that were all written in different times with different cultural values and ideas.

Creative stories such as Hesiod’s Theogony of the creation of the world and the Greek Gods are a clear example of creative works written by people. When read you may not think there is there is memory involved in them as they are, in fact, just fictional tales. They can be seen as pieces of art. Hesiod was recalled to have taken these stories from the songs that nymphs sang when he was a herder. However in reality he was most likely to have heard these stories by word of mouth. The same story of creation was known to have been passed down through generations. Through memory people have been passing down generation, these stories do change because people forget.

When there is no explanation for something, people hypothesize and try and develop a explanation. Like if a mother was asked by her child why the sky is blue, without current knowledge of science and physics she would only have her imagination and creativity to explain. This is when people like Hesiod and the writers of the Genesis develop their work. Many people have had written stories but because they’re only stories, only the well written pieces of work have been able to stand through the millenniums.

Many faithful people have taken these stories literally during the years that there wasn’t the science to explain creation. Generation through generation they would pass these stories to their kids. Even with all the clever, realistic...
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