The Theme Of Deception In Macbeth

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Deceit has been the same for many years. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, there is a lot of deception. The play is about three witches who deceive Macbeth by telling him he will be king. He believes them and tries to make this true by committing horrible acts. These evil actions all lead to Macbeth’s tragic downfall and ultimately, his death. William Shakespeare showed the theme of deceit in Macbeth by the thane of Cawdor, Lady Macbeth and the witches. The theme of deceit is shown by the thane of Cawdor. The thane was deceptive because he was a traitor. No one saw it coming. King Duncan even admitted to having bad judgement about the thane. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face” (I.iv.13-14). King Duncan reveals the fact that you cannot tell what people are thinking by looking at their face. The thane of Cawdor was deceptive because no one could realize what he was thinking. People thought he was a good man. However, he ended up being a traitor even though everyone, including King Duncan trusted him. Lady Macbeth was very deceptive. While planning King Duncan’s murder she encouraged her husband, Macbeth to be deceitful. Lady Macbeth also faked herself fainting when she was told the news that King Duncan was murdered. Finally, …show more content…
They showed deceit in the beginning of the play, when they met with Macbeth and told him he will become thane of Cawdor and eventually king. Another time was when the witches had a meeting with Macbeth discussing his near future and if he is safe in his position as king. A final time the witches were deceitful was before that meeting when Hecate, who is the leader of the witches, said “As by the strength of their illusion, shall draw him to his confusion” (III.v.28-29). Hecate ordered the witches to create illusions that will deceive and confuse Macbeth. All in all, the witches were the most deceptive characters in the

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