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Topics: World War II, United States, Great Depression Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Directions: Imagine yourself as one of the children in the liberation photograph. Complete the three paragraphs as a first-person narrative from his or her point of view.

Paragraph 1: Why were you persecuted?
Paragraph 2: Where did you go? Describe your experience at the camp. What happened to your family? How did the United States respond to your experience? Paragraph 3: What will your future bring? Predict what you think will happen to you now that you have been liberated. How has the world changed since your imprisonment? How have you changed? In your narrative, be sure to:

recount historical facts accurately
use course terms when appropriate
cite any outside sources

It's three o'clock in the morning and you waken suddenly to the heavy sound of soldiers' boots outside your door. Your heart leaps in your chest as you hear screams in the hallway and the cries from other families. Fear has been a constant presence in your life ever since Nazi Germany conquered your country. Now the fear has turned to terror as fists are pounding on the door.

"Juden, raus!" barks a harsh voice in German. "Schnell! Schnell! Jews, get out! Quickly! Quickly!" Although fighting in World War II took place far from U.S. shores, the war had a great impact on people's lives at home. Everyday Americans supported the war effort by conserving food and resources. As in World War I, women and minority groups stepped in to fill jobs that had previously been held mainly by young white men, many of whom were now serving in the military.

World War II Poster
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The demand for war goods made the economy boom at last, ending the Great Depression. The poster shows how the war effort was cast on the homefront.

Yet not all changes were good ones. Wartime fears led to discrimination against German and Italian Americans. Anti-Japanese sentiments ran so high that thousands of these citizens were sent to special camps.

In this lesson, you will consider how...
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