The Terminator

Topics: The Terminator, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The Terminator (1984) – Music Appreciation in Film

This assignment provided an interesting perspective into watching a movie. To focus on the music in the movie was difficult at first, but it really added an element of understanding related to the plot and the specific characters. The movie I chose is “The Terminator,” which is considered a classic film that entered the film world in 1984. Brad Fiedel created the music for this film. This was the first movie that supplanted a quality relationship between Brad Fiedel and the director of this film, James Cameron.

The theme song for this movie pioneered the use of the electronic synthesizer. The metallic, heart beat sounds of the synthesizer added a new timbre to the movie. Not only as a visual cue, but the deep electronic beat represented the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. During moments of movement, and stalking his victims, the music played an important role to the Terminator’s character. Much like Jaws, the music in the Terminator provided an element of surprise, suspense, and horror. As the Terminator stalked all the women with the name Sarah Connor, the music added texture of pursuing a symphony of destruction.

During other scenes in the movie, the music changes to more of a soothing melodic piano, which assists the audience in creating a comforting feel for the character of Sarah Connor. James Cameron does a nice job of separating the characters with music in this film. The Terminator has a deep, futuristic beat of fear. Sarah Connor has a calming piano timbre that makes you embrace her character, and makes you feel like protecting her. Kyle Reese is the other main character in this film. He has come back from the future to protect Sarah Connor. The musical themes for his character have deep, protective tones. However, during the love scene between Sarah Connor and Reese, a piano plays in the background as the consummation of their love ensues. The music at this point...
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