The Terminal Movie Review

Topics: New York City, The Terminal, Benny Golson Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: December 18, 2008

International Transit Land in New York was the best airport in that time. The airport was very crowded and busy. All of the officers worked very carefully to check every passanger’s luggage. One day, a person came from Krakhozia, a country which in the middle of a war. His name was Victor Navorski.

According to the rules, he neither could went to New York nor back home. He met the head of the airport, Frank Dixon, to solve his case, but the regulation kept him to stay in the airport terminal. Dixon gave him a lot of facilities like meal coupon, pager, and much more. Unfortunately, when he was helping a girl to close her suitcase, the meal coupon was blown by the wind and was swept by the janitor, Gupta. He couldn’t eat without that meal coupon. In the night, he only ate biscuits which brought from Krakhozia.

In the next day, he still couldn’t get his visa. When he was hungry, he realized that people who brought the trolley back to the place would be paid 25 cent. So, he collecting as many as trolley to collect money. But his activity was known by Dixon and in the following day, Dixon hire a person to collect the trolley. Dixon did this to make Navorski became hopeless and try to break out the security system to go to New York but Navorski didn’t want to do that.

When he was hungry at night, Enrique, a person who worked in the airport offered him a deal. He would give Navorski food if only Navorski wanted to help him to attract Delores. Navorski agreed. Everyday, he met Delores to do what Enrique wanted to. One day, he met a beautiful woman who was in trouble and help her. She was a stewardess of United States airline. Her name was Amellia Warren. Their conversation didn’t last long because Amellia must go back to work..

Navorski continued his daily activities in the terminal. One day, he met Amellia again, and she asked him to have lunch together. Navorksi rejected her invitation because he didn’t have much money but he promised next...
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