The Teen Impact

Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Anxiety Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: October 11, 2013


The FINAL Essay!

Teen Impact is a class of many things. We’ve shared so many laughs and unforgettable conversations with one another. It’s a class for feeling comfortable and safe with yourself, and not being afraid to give an opinion. It’s a wonderful learning environment for learning “real-world issues”. Coming into Teen Impact as a junior in high school, I knew I had leadership potential. It was a natural ability I possessed inherited and taught by my mom. But that’s all it was- potential. Teen Impact is a class for natural leaders wanting to develop their skills further. Teen Impact has taught me what my leadership potential is, and has helped me expand my skills into something so much greater. I now know what a real leader looks like, they are confident in themselves, but not always in what they are in charge of. They are great problem solvers and hard workers. They are the people who never give up- they perceive.

In Teen Impact, we did so many wonderful activities that were designed to better ourselves and skills. One that I highly recommend we continue practicing would be the speeches. The 1, 2, and 3 minute speeches were all great ways to help us overcome some fears and anxieties about speaking in public. As upcoming leaders, we should learn to overcome those sudden fears and anxieties that can overcome us.

I can honestly say I enjoyed most of the class structure (with the exception of 7 Habits). The journal entries were something we did every class period. It was nice to have about 10 minutes to myself just so I could write about the things going on in my life. It was 10 minutes of “me-time” and I appreciated that. Essays were great because it gave us a chance to express ourselves through our writing. The essay topics were always more personal than the average English essay, and it was nice to be able to really go deep down and write about the things we love, hate, feel, appreciate, and know. The Ted-Talks were always...
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