The Technology Implementation Plan

Topics: Management, Implementation, Design Pages: 4 (1023 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Technology Implementation
When deploying new products into an organization that contain elements you do no have experience with, like new technology, considered the human factors in the implementation process to reduce issues that may arise. When implementing new technology within a company, make sure that end users contribute into the design process and that the end user will benefit from the change. Managers should communicate constantly and effectively, involve employees, and leadership to endorse the technology and the change process. Implementation plan

Technology Implementation plan consist of up-to date and usable procedures for example consist of up to date and usable procedures for example: Design Plans describe how technology will fit into the business and identifies the objectives. Developmental Plans define the function of technology in the organization. Program and Project plans include; testing which identifies troubles and supplies an initial measure of outcome against established goals. Cutover Plans identify how to introduced technology to a few departments and implement the change to the entire organization. Communication Plans describe the process that all staff involved needs to be aware of the leadership’s support and direction. Support strategies incorporate Training Plans introduce training to staff with the purpose to enhance their skills and technical proficiencies on new technology implemented. Support/Sustain Plans identify goals to increase awareness of the technological vision of the company, and support employees in their use of technology

a. Design Plans
Communicate Design plans with technical and nontechnical staff, this action allows technical and nontechnical staff to assist in defining how technology will fit into the business and identify the objectives that will provide the foundation for the planning process. The first step is to evaluate the current technology being used, describe how new technology...
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