The Teams Analysis

Topics: Cattle, Bullock cart, Bullock Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: September 14, 2011
The Teams By Henry Lawson
“The Teams” is a ballad that instantaneously recreates the image of earlier day farming. However this is actually not the theme of the ballad. If you read the ballad carefully in particular the 2nd you discover that it is about the invention on the bullock wagon or bullock cart and the distance the cows or bulls must carry it. There are several pieces of evidence located in the poem that indicates this such as: “Inch by inch with the weary load;  And by the power of the green-hide goad” this implies that a distance in being travelled and a load of items is being taken across this distance to be delivered. Secondly it references a green hide goad; a goad is a long stick with a pointed end used for prodding animals so the 2 lines make perfect sense in saying “We are using bullock wagons attached to cows to travel from A-B with items we have but we must use a goad to keep them moving”.

Another piece of evidence that implies they are using bullock wagons is: “The beasts are pulling as bullocks must; and the shining tires might almost rust while the spokes are turning slow.” What is being said here is that the beasts (cows) are pulling a wagon because it says “shining tires might almost rust while the spokes are turning slow”. The feeling is of desert plains hot and dusty and the feeling of journey still not achieved. The ballad keeps this feeling during the whole poem describing the urge for water and the warmth of the climate.

The ballad follows the simple guideline and structure of a ballad, to tell a story and yet it feels as though this story span’s a time of years yet only covers one day. The use of language is also a unique aspect of the ballad, as I found that he was trying to describe even the littlest of details in the most detailed way possible. Along with the fact that he described the biggest of details that depicts the story in such non modernised way that only the most sophisticated of us can understand the...
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