The Taste of Cannibalism

Topics: Human, Cannibalism, Prehistory Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: May 10, 2007
Speech title: The Taste of Cannibalism

Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the historical reasoning behind cannibalism and the reasons why it might still occur present day.

Central Ideal/Thesis statement: People do strange things as a result of their beliefs and they do even stranger things to stay alive in desperate situations.


One of the most horrific words in the English language is of course cannibalism. It's earned this recognition in large part do to the gruesome imagery that it has the power to evoke. This is a term that has only come to be associated with such an emotional response in recent centuries. As hard as it is to believe there was in fact a time in our past when cannibalism was an ordinary fact of life. I found this extremely interesting and as a result choose to do some further research on the topic. This research has lead me to some interesting facts and in the following speech today I hope to share what I've learnt. I will try to enlighten you about the various aspects of cannibalism and it's place in history. This education will also include the evolution of the different forms or kinds of cannibalism into the present day versions that we have come to know. This education will also include the reasoning behind cannibalism, both present and past. These reasons will include everything from survival to religion.

(Transition: Let's look at….)

Body of speech:

I.The first known account of cannibalism was witnessed by Christopher Columbus when he made his trip to the West Indies, according to William Arens' book The Man-eating Myth: Antropology and Antropophagy. A.Columbus saw the Carib West Indies tribe practice ritualistic cannibalism. B.The explorers mispronounced their name, "canibs"

C.The Spanish

(Transition: Now that we know how the term cannibalism was coined, let's look at……)

II.Thanks to modern science we now know that cannibalism once wasn't the...

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