Topics: Teacher, Friendship, Sleep Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Our class VIII B is the most notorious class of the school. However, it also the best class, as we are a bunch of smart students. Actually, you can say a combination of smart and naughty ones. That is the reason why our class is so famous and everyone knows us in the school. We are the favourites among our teachers. Today I am going to tell you some interesting stories of my class. Some are true and some I heard from my friends when I came to the class, as I was a new admission and did not know my classmates too well. The most interesting story is the love story of our monitor Who liked a girl from the junior class. Well not only do they believe different faiths they look so different too. I mean our monitor is a total geek and the girl is as usual a pretty face. Well it all started when our school participated in elocution competition and they were the participants representing our school for the same last year. Our entire class knew about it and I guess the teachers were too aware of it. Another interesting character is the calmest child in our class, Varun. He never talks to any girl. He is very shy. He has no friends and does not mix with anyone .my friend were telling me that he had a broken home that is why he is like this. Poor thing I sometimes wish I could talk to him but I do not know why I have not tried. Well someday, I will. Then there is harsh Bansal the rich Bart, he brings the latest’s gadgets, cell phones to the class and boasts and the teachers were unaware of it. He has PSPS, x-boss all the video games you name it he had it. Right at the back of the class sat our class sleepyhead. Mat seems to need more sleep than others. He catches catnaps in between lessons. The astounding thing is that he can fall asleep almost instantly. The moment the teacher leaves after a lesson, Mat's snores start up and we know he is at it again. Remarkably, he wakes up when the next teacher arrives. Then there are ghost stories, which I do not want to believe in,...
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