The Tale of the Philosopher Stone

Topics: Mayors, City and town halls, Fullmetal Alchemist Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Tale of the Philosopher’s Stone
This is a story for the not so faint at heart. It takes place on the outskirts of Amestris, Liore, in a small, secluded town run by an Orthodox mayor by the name of Alphonse Edwards. Witchcraft and science are the world’s greatest investments, but the tiny town has no part in the black arts. Allegra Kimblee, a strikingly beautiful, yet conniving woman comes to the quaint community in search of human souls. To be used as power sources for the legendary philosophers stone that, until that point in time, had only existed in rumors among witches throughout the world. The stone gives its owner supreme knowledge of the dark arts. Kimblee makes her way through the city and establishes herself as the new hero-figure of the town by fixing various objects and even repairing an entire building. She manages to repair the historical Town Hall clock tower, children’s toys, and all of the broken shelves in the community’s local library. Over the span of a few days she has quickly gained the trust of those she has helped but Alphonse, seemingly the only sensible person in town, does not trust her. After a few weeks pass, the citizens are content and the town seems to be in perfect condition, until old lady Pinako is found dead in her living room, slaughtered mercilessly by an incriminating metal spike driven through her body. At this point Allegra is nowhere to be found and the grief and horror-stricken citizens begin to believe that she is the culprit. Alphonse calls out a search for Kimblee and the appalled citizens band together to capture and try her for murder. In the midst of the chaos, the town physician, Dr. Marko is discovered dead in his office, mutilated by his very own scalpel. The enraged citizens scour the town for Kimblee, convinced that she is still committing these acts of murder. By nightfall, five more innocent people are found dead in their homes, each victim murdered more grotesquely than the last. Mayor Edwards...
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