The Taj Group: People Philosophy and Star System

Topics: Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Hotel, Hotel chains Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: February 21, 2010
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There was something about the Taj. People just didn’t leave. Portly old waiters didn’t get replaced by young, better looking ones. Women went on maternal leave and came back. Employees got offered better jobs and chose to stay. BACKGROUND

The Taj Group has a people oriented culture and a legacy of impeccable service It’s two main guiding principles are the ‘Four Steps of Service’ and ‘ Taj people Philosophy’. {draw:frame} TPP was originally called a ‘Womb to Tomb’ approach – developing and training the employees from inception to their retirement in the beliefs and culture of Taj. All employees (mostly fresh graduates from various hotel management institutes) were placed in an intensive two-year training program covering the group’s culture, management practices and working of cross-functional departments.they also had to take part in various leadership programs stressing on potential development and talent management. The group adopted the Balanced Scorecard System (BSS), Employee satisfaction and tracking system (ESTS), 360 degree performance appraisal system. The employees would get a ‘star’ as per their level, which would be pinned on their coat as a sign of recognition. Also, the winners were felicitated at an annual function held by Taj. They were also rewarded with gift hampers, cash vouchers or a vacation in Taj hotel of their choice in India. It acted as a significant motivator for all the employees. The service standards at all hotels of the group improved significantly because the employees felt that their good work was being acknowledged and appreciated. This resulted in repeat customers for Taj hotels as it made employees go that extra mile and do that extra bit to ensure customer satisfaction. {draw:frame}

People who depicted courage and commitment included janitors, waiters, directors, artisans and captains as well as higher...
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