the tail of emily windsnap

Topics: Ocean, Denim, Water Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: May 15, 2014
The Tail of Emily Windsnap
By: Lizz Kessler
My diorama shows when Emily found out that she was a mermaid. In the book there was a girl named Emily Windsnap. She lived on a boat but had never been in a full body of water. She does take showers and all but always wanted to know why she had never been in, well, water. Every year she begged to have swimming lessons. Her mom would always say “NO!” Well the year she started Middle School her mom gave in. Emily Windsnap was going to go swimming!

When she got to swimming practice she dove into the water. The couch said that she was a natural. Then it started to happen. Her legs got numb, her legs joined together. The couch dived in and said it was just a cramp, it happens all the time. She knew it was not just a cramp. When she got home she ate dinner and went to bed. She couldn’t go to sleep. She wanted to know what happened in the pool that day. She decided she was going to find out. That night after she heard her mom’s gentle snores she sneaked out.

She was wearing her swim suit and her denim jacket. She jumped in the cold sea, and a few seconds after it happened again. She wanted to get out but she forced herself not to. Then she found out that she was a mermaid. After that she took a little swim. There was lots of fish and rocks. She sat down on one and looked at her self. She had a purple and green tail that faded into her denim jacket and swim suit. She had short mossy brown hair and was shocked.

My diorama shows lots of plants and fish. It also shows her sitting on a rock confused and in disbelief. There is a sea urchin and flowers in the rocks. On the sides there is tall sea weed. The whole thing is cover in blue like the ocean would be. The blue is rough to represent the waves in the ocean. The ocean is dark because it is in the middle of the night and only the dim stars and the moon shine at that time.
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