The Syrian Refugee Crisis- Student Resolution

Topics: Refugee, Internally displaced person, Jordan Pages: 5 (920 words) Published: November 10, 2014
FORUM: General Assembly

ISSUE: The Syrian refugee crisis

MAIN SUBMITTED BY: The Russian Federation

The General Assembly,

_Acknowledging_ the fact that the civil war in Syria is affecting the neighboring countries,

_Recognizing_ the efforts of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries receiving over 2 million refugees,

_Fully Alarmed by_ the fact that the civil war has been spread to Lebanon and could further be spread,

_Fully Aware_ by the fact that many countries and organizations have spent millions to help refugees,

_Deploring_ the elimination of all chemical weapons within the Syrian Civil War,

_Aware_ of the tenuous human rights situation and poor humanitarian climate in Syria, particularly pertaining refugees and internally displaced persons,

_Conscious_ of the extensive and systemic disintegration of organized infrastructure catalyzed by omnipresent aggression, which has resulted in the current Syrian refugee crisis,

_Commending_ all attempts made by NGOs or relevant governments to alleviate poor hygiene and humanitarian standards,

_Noting_ the importance and eliminating counter intuitive xenophobic sentiments maintained by communities disinclined towards the foreign influx of refugees,

_Emphasizing_ the imperative need to enforce the extirpation of all chemical and biological weapons,

Strongly recommends that G20 member states and willing MEDCs provide effective funding towards facilitating UN sanctioned official stabilization missions to Syria by means such as but not limited to;

Provisioning NGO's (non governmental organizations) with adequate financial support so as to permit the extension of operations to alleviate conflict related affairs in the Syrian region

Supplying logistical support and intelligence so as to accelerate employment in remote or potentially jeopardizing environments;

Recommends aiding countries to formulate its own priorities, taking into account the specificities of each country's context, and recognizing the scale of financial requirements in need;

Recommends education to be widespread in all refugee camps through means such as but not limited to;

Providing mobile education units for all child refugees to teach them basic schooling appropriate to their age level, provided by charity donations through NGO's and using a volunteer based system for all educators and including refugees with the appropriate teaching skills,

Requesting internal educators (refugee teachers) to provide assistance towards the education of child refugees,

Contributing volunteer or government provided Arab speaking teachers to provide adult refugees knowledge on entrepreneurship and financial sustainability in order to develop skills to support themselves,

Encouraging the use of entrepreneurship in the communities of refugees in order to give them the means of financially sustaining themselves,

Inviting UN support for entrepreneurship within neighboring countries in Syria so that entrepreneurship is promoted, at the same time benefiting the refugees and assisting refugee hosting countries in their economic needs,

Emphasizing the importance of a general ceasefire with an emphasis on border security so that Syrian armed conflict does not impact refugees residing in neighboring countries in ways such as but not limited to;

Addressing the topic in said peace talks and discussing possible actions that can be taken to bring about the aim

Cooperating with the UNHCR to adopt a model consisting of a three stage process to begin resolving the issue of endangered refugees, comprising of;

A third party assessment to identify major issues threatening the safety and rights of refugees,

Action plan design and implementation,

Pre auditing, auditing and certification by the UNHCR.

Advises the creation of a UN organization branch with a mandate exclusively dedicated towards organizing and planning the protection and...
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