The Symptoms of Affluenza

Topics: Sustainable living, Sustainability, Simple living Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: December 13, 2007
After considering the symptoms of affluenza, only three of them are prevalent in myself or around me. The first symptom that I suffer from is that I am running out of room to store my stuff; more or less because of "shopping fever". Even though I don't think I am infected with affluenza, there are a large number of people in developed countries who are. It can be very detrimental, however, there are some good aspects that should be considered. Anyone who would have this symptom would obviously have an overabundance of stuff building up whether it is in their bedroom or their house in general. Unlike most people who have this problem, I don't only acquire this mass of "stuff" to help myself, but also to help others. For example, because I used to be a shopaholic years ago, I now either lend some of my clothes to friends who don't like spending money on clothes or I donate my clothes to the Salvation Army. That could be seen as a positive aspect of this symptom because once all the unwanted things have been donated, it both helps the economy, from buying it all in the first place, and those that are less fortunate.

The second symptom i agree with is "chronic stress," where the meaning "everything that i own owns me" comes from. The challenges caused by stress help to develop new skills and behavior patterns. The problems occur; however, when stress becomes excessive. It can become destructive and can turn into distress. As with most people, too much stress on my mind and body makes me feel miserable, worried, and sometimes sad. Every weekday, as of now, i wake up at 6 o'clock to go to school, attend at least two classes, head out to soccer practice or a soccer game, go home to take a quick shower, go to my night class which ends around 10 p.m, and then finally head home to sleep. It feels like the same thing everyday, which makes me feel exhausted and lazy. How do i find time to be socialize or do homework? The weekend provides the opportunity to...
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