The Sword in the Stone Study Guide

Topics: Morgan le Fay, Knights of the Round Table / Pages: 6 (1255 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2013
Mrs. Roth
English 10H
12 September 2013 Study Guide Questions: The Once and Future King
1. Sir Ector insists for Kay and the Wart to be educated in chivalry and academics. What they studied was different depending on the day. Sir Ector also wanted them to have a tutor after talking to Sir Grummore.
2. The relationship between Kay and the Wart is complicated. Wart knows that he is not the real son and that Kay is the older one, heir, and future knight. Wart looks at Kay as an older brother and idol, but Kay does not treat the Wart as well. Kay talks down and is arrogant, spoiled, and bossy. Wart, on the other hand, is compassionate.
3. In chapter one, medieval life is shown at first by being set in medieval England. Also, jousting, hunting, haymaking, horsemanship, tilting, fencing, etc. are involved.
4. In chapter two fantasy, superstition, and/or the supernatural are introduced with magicians, dragons, beasts, etc. Specifically, there is a Questing Beast that King Pellinore is searching for.
5. After falling asleep in the forest, the Wart discovers Merlyn drawing water from a well. As he enters Merlyn’s cottage he is surprised by the magical items and especially the talking owl, Archimedes. Merlyn seemed to know that the Wart would come because he lives backwards. This meeting resulted in Merlyn becoming the Wart’s tutor.
6. In chapter four Kay is described as clever, quick, proud, passionate, and ambitious. He is neither a follower nor a leader, but an aspiring heart, who hates to fail. Kay is very competitive and always wants to be the one who wins. He gets jealous when someone else is ahead of him in any way.
7. While he is a perch, the Wart learns from Mr.P of what is beyond might and power. After Mr.P tries to eat Wart, Wart realizes that intelligence is key against a much powerful creature. Even though he does not care much for Mr.P, he listens when he explains what it takes to have power. Mr.P tells

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