The Sword in the Stone

Topics: Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur / Pages: 2 (386 words) / Published: Jan 26th, 2014
Title: The Sword in the Stone

Author: Richard Reitherman

Setting: This animated feature is set in England during the medieval times.

Characters: Merlin (The Powerful Wizard) Arthur (Wart)
Sir Ector Archimedes the Owl
Little Girl Squirrel Kay
Castle Scullery Maid Fat Granny Squirrel
Madam Mim Sir Pelinore

Summary: After the English king dies leaving no heir, in the churchyard of a cathedral in London, a sword appears imbedded in a stone inscribed, "Who so pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of England." Although many try, no one can budge the sword from the stone. Deep in the dark woods, kind, but absent-minded Merlin the Magician begins to teach 11-year-old Arthur, who is called Wart, and lives in the castle of Sir Ector where he's an apprentice squire to burly, oafish Sir Kay -- when he's not washing stacks of pots and pans in the scullery. By being changed by Merlin into various animals, Wart learns the basic truths of life, but he also runs into the evil Madam Mim, who tries to destroy him. Merlin and Mim have a Wizards' Duel, during which each changes into various creatures, with Merlin using his wits to win. On New Year's Day, a great tournament is held in London to pick a new king. Wart, attending as Kay's squire, forgets Kay's sword, and runs back to the inn to get it, but the inn is locked. Wart, seeing the sword in the stone, innocently, and easily, pulls it out. When the knights marvel at the wondrous sword and question where he got it, Wart has to prove himself all over again, and again he pulls the sword from the stone. Wart is proclaimed king by the marveling warriors.

Moral Lesson:Once one has got an education, one can go anywhere.

Comment: I enjoyed this. Although it is probably one of the weakest stories I have seen it has its great moments. There are sequences where Merlin changes himself and Arthur into animals and although they plat a little predictable

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