The Swiss Family Robinson: Book Report

Topics: Johann David Wyss, The Swiss Family Robinson, Johann Rudolf Wyss Pages: 4 (737 words) Published: July 13, 2013
I. Title of the Book
The Swiss Family Robinson

II. Name of the Author
Johann Wyss

III. Copyright Date

IV. Publishing Company
Playmore Inc., Publishers and Waldman Publishing Corp.,

V. Number of Chapters
Sixteen (16) chapters

VI. Number of Pages Read
Two hundred twenty three (223) pages

VII. Setting
In a Tropical Island

VIII. Characters/Characterization
Mr. Robinson
-Father in the selection
-Mother in the selection
-Eldest son in the selection
-Youngest son in the selaction
-Second to the youngest in the selection
-Second to the eldest in the selection
Emily Montrose
-Shipwrecked girl in smoking rock

IX. Plot of the story
a. Exposition

Mr. Robinson, his wife and his sons; Fritz, Francis, Jack, and Ernest were aboardship bound for a new colony when their ship was shipwrecked. The crew abandoned the boat and leave. But they forgot the Robinsons. After that, the storm fade found them in the island.

b. Rising Action

The Robinsons found a way to sail and to be on the island. They land on the island and start explorind to find food and shelter for themselves. Luckily,they found a place to constract their new house in the island. Through the teamwork and the help of each other, they were also able to search other things like food and different wild animals.

a. Climax
After almost three years of staying in the island, the family get used to the island. They know where to find different resources and what they need to be able to live. They consider and make the island their new home.

b. Falling Action
With almost ten years of staying and living in the island, the Robinson family seemed to be free with problems. Their life in the island became full of adventures and happiness to the family.

c. Denouement
An English ship sail to their island one day to search for...
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