The Swiss Family Robinson

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“The Swiss Family Robinson”
Author: Johann Wyss

By: Sydney Bray
March 21, 2014
3rd Grade
Mrs. Watson
“The Swiss Family Robinson”
“The Swiss Family Robinson” is about a family that was stranded on a deserted island after their boat was shipwrecked. The story takes place over about 10 years. The characters in the story are the father William, the mother Elizabeth, and their four sons Fritz who is the oldest, Ernest, Jack, and the youngest Franz.

The beginning of the story begins with the shipwreck and then father gathered the boys and mother together and told them how God could save them. As there were no other people in sight, but there were animals. There were dogs, a cow, a donkey, goats, sheep, ram, a pig, hens, cocks, ducks, geese, and doves. They let the ducks and geese go and hoped they would swim to shore, and they let the doves go so they could fly to land. There were other animals throughout the story like bears. They loaded their guns at night just in case they needed them. They also sang a hym of praise to God and always thanked Him for keeping them safe through the night.

During their travel, they found monkeys and apes. They were afraid at first, but found good use for them. Can you believe they even had hot ham and eggs for dinner one night?

While they explored the island, the dad wanted to find some of the men who had left the ship. Fritz didn’t want to as he said the men left them to die. But the dad explained that they should do unto the men as they would want the men to do to them.

The dad felt that God had led them to the island and said they should stay but the mom said it was too hot. So if they wanted to leave, they would need to build a bridge. They had to find planks to get started. They always gave thanks to God.

They had a day of rest which was the Lord’s day. They ate, then sang a psalm that they knew by heart. After that, the father told them the story of the Land of...

Bibliography: Wyss, Johann. The Swiss Family Robinson. Pensacola, FL: A Beka Books, 2013.
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