The Swiss Family Robinson

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Book Report
English III

The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann Wyss

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The Swiss Family Robinson
Johann David Wyss

I. Personal Background of the Author
Name: Johann David Wyss
Born: 4 March 1743 in Bern, Switzerland
Died: 11 January 1818
Nationality: Swiss
Lived: in Bern Switzerland
Children: four sons. His eldest son, Johann Rudolph Wyss, published The Swiss Family Robison in 1812

JohannWyss was a typical family man; a loving husband and a caring father to his four sons. He was also very religious and he devoted much of his life to the Church and to the education of his children. In the eighteenth century, priest and clergymen were some of the most learned men in the country and Johann Wyss was certainly no exception. His detailed knowledge of geography, botany, and wildlife is used to great effect in The Swiss Family Robinson. Johann Wyss grew up in Bern, a peaceful and prosperous city in Switzerland. He remained in Bern for most of his adult life, apart from a brief stint as a military priest in his twenties, when he travelled around Europe with a Swiss regiment. Writing and telling stories were just a hobby for Johann. His main job was as a pastor in his home town, a job he kept for most of his adult life. In 1803, he retired to his country home in Köeniz, where he grew fruits and kept bees. The Swiss Family Robinson started life as an extended bedtime story that Johann would tell to his four sons. The famous story of Robinson Crusoe, written by Daniel Defoe in 1719, inspired Wyss’s idea of shipwrecked family – but Wyss made sure that there were parents on his island too, to instruct and guide the younger children.

II. Complete Pages
472 pages
Chapter 1 – page 1 - 24
Chapter 2 – page 25 - 57
Chapter 3 – page 58 - 94
Chapter 4 – page 95 - 116
Chapter 5 – page 117 - 136
Chapter 6 – page 137 - 161
Chapter 7 – page 162...
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