The Swimmer

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The Swimmer
Analyze and interpret

The short story called 乃he Swimmeris written by S.J. Butler in 2011. It is about the main character, who has no name, and her development in a river. She always wanted to go take a dip in the river, but she had never done it. One day she decides that it is the day for her, to do it one time for all. She goes to the river and she takes her clothes off and goes in. She meets a swan and faces the stream of the river and not but least, she faces her fear.

That fact that you do not know anything about the main-character makes it much easier to relate to that person. You have not been able to judge the person, because you do not have anything to base it on. The only thing your know about her, is that she is a girl, and that she has a job.

In the very beginning in the story, you are told the main characters surroundings. It is beautiful and calm and very described. As a reader you are put directly into the main characters actions. 典he alders at the river's edge stand motionless in the midsummer heat. In the fields, the twisted cattle beans are black []. She sits at her desk in the back room gazing out at the river1 The short story is written in a very descriptive way. The writer has used a whole lot of adjectives to make the surroundings seem very real and alive. It also makes the pace stay very calm and slow. That makes us as the reader feel much more into the story, because it is much easier to follow the main character as he or she evolves throughout the story. All the descriptions in the story also helps us feel what the main character is feeling. When she is nervous, you can feel it through the word, and when she is calm you are not doubting it.

The main theme in this short story is fear. The fear is expressed by the main characters development through the story, and you can relate to it! It is like standing near a cliff, but you are afraid of hights. To slowly take one step at the time until you are rights by the...
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