The Swimmer

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The Swimmer
“The Swimmer” is a short story written by S.J. Butler in 2011. The story is about a woman working in the midsummer heat, who actually just wants to swim in the river all day. But it’s just not that simple to jump into the river and swim, she first has to find the courage and then she has overcome the dangers of the river. At least if she wants to escape the regular life she lives and replace it with a life in the river. The woman sits in her working room, where she has a nice view of the river. As she sits and works the river draws her. She wants to swim, but she’s afraid of the reactions from the fishermen and the other people by the river. She is aware that it’s not that normal wanting to swim in the river, shown in this quote “Why hasn’t she swum before? People have swim in rivers for generations. It’s a normal, natural act (page 1, line 19)”. She tries to justify her lust to swimming in the river. If she thought it was a normal thing, she wouldn’t have to state the point out so elaborately to herself. Also her thoughts of other people seeing her swimming, shows how she knows it’s not normal. “No one’s out there. If she goes now, she’ll have the river to herself. No one will see (page 1, line 16)”. She’s very aware of other people’s thoughts, which is the only thing holding her back. The warm midsummer day, where nobody is by the river, is the day she overcomes her fear. She walks slowly down to the river, and into the water. And still as she is in the water she’s aware of the people “Down here at water level, she realises, not only is she invisible to the rest of the world, but it is invisible to her (page 2, line 63)”. This quote both underlines the fact that she thinks a lot about what the world thinks of her, but also that she doesn’t seem to want to be a part of the world. She likes the way that the world is invisible to her, and she is invisible to the world. The river is her own world. And as she swims further upstream the world of...
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