The Super Mario Brothers

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The Super Mario Brothers
Despite being twins, Mario and Luigi are two men with opposing characteristics. Mario, who is the protagonist in all of his stories, is the more important of the two. Mario saves the Princess from impending doom a countless number of times, whereas Luigi relaxes between the nine to five grind. Mario is smarter, faster, and stronger than Luigi. Luigi has to live in Mario’s shadow throughout their history together, and this feeds into their character portrayals and appearances.

Although they dress the same, Mario and Luigi still maintain contrasting appearances. Luigi originally began as a palette swap of Mario, making them look the same. Overtime, with new technology, the two characters could be portrayed with more individual characteristics. Mario is short and stout, whereas Luigi is tall and lanky. They each wear overalls; however, Luigi wears a green undershirt and Mario wears a red undershirt. They both also wear the same style hat, which has their corresponding color and the first letter of their name.

The Mario Brothers have gone through a few character changes over the years; however, their characters personality has always remained the same. Mario is portrayed as a kind and fearless hero. The portrayal of Luigi is essentially the exact opposite of Mario. Luigi is portrayed as timid and fearful, but he is still a hero none the less. Being the fearless hero that he is, Mario tends to be in the spotlight more often than Luigi. Luigi only acts as a side kick or comic relief. Luigi developed a dark side, from living in his brother’s shadow, which causes the characters to become less alike overtime.

Mario and Luigi only share two guaranteed facts. They are both plumbers, and they both love pasta and pizza. Mario originally started as a carpenter, but he quickly changed positions to become a plumber with his brother. Pasta and pizza are the only foods the Mario Brothers are shown eating, which leads one to believe that it’s all...
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