The Sun Rising

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The poet, John Donne wrote "The Sunne Rising" poem. The poem is metaphysical. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of the reality of things, including questions about being and substance, time and space, causation and change, and identity. Metaphysics presents the theoretical philosophy as the ultimate science of being and knowing. Metaphysics provides sense relating to philosophical speculation and intellectual abstraction. Metaphysics belongs to the nature of transcendentalism, philosophical depreciative thoughts of reasoning and ideas. Metaphysics is excessively subtle and incredibly abstract. Transcendentalism surpasses and excels others of its kind beyond ordinary limits. Transcendentalism is pre-eminent, superior and supreme, something extraordinary. Transcendentalism is elevated above ordinary language as a lofty idea or concept. It transcends comprehension. Transcendentalism is obscure and abstruse. As applied by the Schoolmen, transcendentalism predicates which by their universal application were considered to go beyond the Aristotelian categories or predicaments.

The Ten Categories, accordingly lists ten attributes or predicamenta[1], predicaments, which can be used to speak of things which engages one's interest in order to become an object of scientific investigation. A substance denotes a subject or thing in terms of what exists in itself and not in another. A substance cannot be attributed to another subject or thing. It is an ens per se, a being by and of itself.[2] The other categories are denoted by quantity, quality, relation, action, passion, place, time, posture, and habit. Those categories are used to speak of a thing, identified as a substance. Those last nine categories either inhere or exist in a substance as a substance and are affirmed. For example, the quantity and quality of a given thing given the matter and form. [3]as accidents while the subject or thing to which they refer remains substantially the same. Some categories, refer to relations or connections which can exist between a substance and its external environment. For example, the action and passion of a substance: What a substance does as a subject and receives from the activity of another source. Transcendentalism goes beyond the Aristotelian categories or predicaments. Those nine may refer to external causes and circumstances that should be noted in talking about anything. For example, habit, time, and place.[4] These later properties come and go.

In transcendental terms, the poet expresses his love for his mate. The love poem consists of three regular stanzas. Each stanza is ten lines long, and follows a line stress pattern of 4255445555. The meter is basically iambic with a few variations. The variations from the iambic meter highlight significant passages in the sonnet. As well, highlighting significant passages are varying stress patterns. The stress pattern in lines one, five, and six, it is in tetrameter. However, the pattern in line two is in dimeter, and the pattern in lines three, four, and seven through ten are in pentameter. The rhyme scheme in each stanza is ABBACDCDEE.

In the first stanza, the poet chastises the sun by calling it a "Busie old foole, unruly Sunne," eagerly habitual motion of primeval and shabby action which lacks good judgment, a simpleton, Not amenable to rule or discipline, ungovernable, disorderly and turbulent star (1). The interference of the sun at this moment, belittling the significance of the sun elevates their act of love above the central body of the solar system, around which the earth and other planets revolve. The other planets are kept in their orbits by the suns attraction and supplied with light and heat by its radiation. Obviously, the sun is not insignificant, but their moment in bed is more important. This is an example of transcendentalism, the exaggeration or elevation of emotions beyond the importance of the central body of the solar...
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