The Sun Also Rises Character List

Topics: The Sun Also Rises, World War II, Love Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The Sun Also Rises Character List

Robert Cohn—Wealthy Jewish-American writer living in Paris. No direct experience of the war. Still believes in love and fair play, but these ideals seem absurd to his friends after the war. Disliked by his friends and is a target for antagonism of Jake and the others. Married and divorced, three children; had affairs with Frances and Lady Ashley. Jacob Barnes—Narrator, protagonist. American veteran of World War I. Moved to Paris and works as a journalist. Struggles with his former romance with Lady Ashley, also with the general lack of morality after the war and his own impotence. Rarely talks about himself; describes those around him. Lady Brett Ashley—Alcoholic British socialite awaiting a divorce from her current husband so she can marry Mike Campbell. Loves Jake; refuses to commit to him because she doesn’t want to give up sex. Also doesn’t want to commit to any one man and has multiple affairs. Despite this, she’s still unhappy with herself. Affairs with Jake, Cohn, Mike [fiancée], Romero. Love interest of Count Mippipopolous. Mike Campbell—Constantly drunk, bankrupt Scottish war veteran. Bad temper. Struggles with Brett’s promiscuity. Self-pitying and often angry, he is insecure about her infidelity and his lack of money. Bill Gorton—Alcoholic war veteran. Not an expatriate like the others. Uses humor to deal with the trauma sustained by the war. Bill’s and Jake’s friendship is one of the only true emotional bonds in the book. Pedro Romero—Nineteen year-old toreador. Serves as foil to Jake & Friends in that he is dignified and confident. Moreover, bullfighting gives meaning and purpose to his life. Montoya—Owner of an inn in Pamplona. Expert in bullfighting. Admires Jake for his genuine interest in bullfighting. Takes a nearly fatherly interest in Romero. Frances Clyne—Cohn’s girlfriend at the opening of the novel. Highly domineering. Gold-digger. Decided that Cohn had to marry her as she realized her looks were...
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