The Sun

Topics: Sun, Maya civilization, Mesoamerican chronology Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: December 7, 2014
The Sun
It’s crazy to think that the big ball of fire that we looked at through a telescope in the beginning of the semester used to be nothing more than a cloud of gas and dust. I mean this is the center of our universe and greatest source of energy we are talking about and it was just basically a bunch of tiny particles floating in space trying to find their place in the universe. It wasn’t till gravity hit that these particles started fusing together. As a result a star was born and began to rotate giving off light and heat becoming what is now known as the sun. Many stories have risen from the sun which is what is going to be discussed in this essay. Over time the sun would be under much speculation as to what it was and how it got there. Ancient civilizations were among the first to marvel at the sun. As a matter of fact the sun was actually worshipped in many of these civilizations holding high status in their religious beliefs mostly as one of their creator gods. This can be seen by the Mayans and their sun god Kinich Ahau who they believe would shine in the sky all day and then turn himself into a jaguar at night to pass into the underworld which explains why the sun is not there at night. Because of their fixation of the sun the Mayans were particularly good at predicting astronomical occurrences such as eclipses, equinoxes, and apexes pretty much anything to do with the sun. In this way the Mayans were able to record time through their famous Mayan calendar which placed the sun as the basis of their ingenious invention. They also took note of the different aspects of light that would reflect off certain structures and cause shadows which they would then use for their construction of their Mayan pyramids. The Pyramid of Kukulkan otherwise known as El Castillo in Chichen Itza is such an example. Basically every spring and fall equinox light and shadow is cast down in a manner to which shadow covers the entire pyramid except for this one sliver of...
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