The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse"

Topics: Horse, William Saroyan, The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: December 12, 2010
“The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse”

This short story is a part of a book written by William Saroyan that centers on Aram, a nine-year-old boy from the Garoghlanian family. The Garoghlanian family is a tribe of Armenian descent that has immigrated to California. In this tribe they value honesty above all else “most important of all, though, we were famous four our honesty” (p.160). Aram and his cousin Mourad went on an adventure during a summer season; it emphasized the tribe’s behavior which ran on their own sense of morality but not according to the laws of society. In this story, Saroyan brought out the theme redemption through action. In other words, redeeming or restoring the Garoghlanian family’s name through a kind act. This story also shows how in the Garoghlanian family, material wealth is not important to the tribe members. What’s important is being true to one self and to the family and it is what makes a man good. Aram reflected innocence. According to him the world was full with imagination and life was beautiful with mysterious dreams. At nine years old he was trying to find a way to integrate the culture of the family or the tribe with the culture of his life in this new land. However, his earliest memories were about horses and the desire to ride them. Due to the fact that the family was poor, it was a mystery for people to understand how they eat everyday let alone afford a horse. Therefore, Aram could not believe his eyes when cousin Mourad showed up sitting on a beautiful white horse to his window. Despite the tribe was poverty-stricken; it remained famous for their honesty. As a result Aram refused to believe that cousin Mourad had stolen the horse. Sadly, Aram realized that the horse was stolen. However, according to him stealing a horse for a ride was not necessarily stealing, as it was not considered as stealing money or selling the horse “For all I knew, maybe it wasn't stealing at all. If you were crazy about horses the way...
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