The Summary of Professional Development 1, Chapter 5 - 7

Topics: Problem solving, Creativity, Decision theory Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: April 21, 2013
To make sure the best solution will be generated once the problem is defined, guidance of idea generation techniques is significantly important in breaking down the barriers to generating. Mental blocks are mainly the hindrance on the progress toward a solution. Mental blocks can be divided into seven blocks, which are conceptual, perceptual, emotional, cultural, environmental, intellectual and expressive blocks. Goman’s blockbusters can be used to overcome these blocks. For example, Goman's Blockbusters

Block| Blockbuster|
1. Negative Attitude| 1. Attitude Adjustment|
2. Fear of Failure| 2. Risk Taking|
3. Following the Rules| 3. Breaking the Rules|
4. Over-reliance on Logic| 4. Creative Internal Climate|
5. Belief That You Aren't Creative| 5. Creative Beliefs|

After that, use brainstorming to generate solutions to the problem. Process of generating solutions is started with free association – that is, writing down all available suggestions without judgment of the feasibility. Free association can be used to generate the initial set of ideas. When the flow of suggestions becomes low, triggers can be used to rejuvenate the rate of suggestions, which are vertical thinking, lateral thinking, TRIZ, cross-fertilization, and futuring. Vertical thinking can be used to build on previous ideas and generate new ideas. One of the vertical thinking techniques is Osborn’s checklist, to adapt, modify, magnify, minify, substitute, rearrange and combine. Lateral thinking is to use random stimulation and other people’s views when in a rut. Futuring is a blockbusting technique to remove all technical blocks to envision a solution in the future. The rules for futuring are relatively simple, try to imagine the ideal solution without regard to whether it is technically feasible. The fishbone diagram can be used in organizing brainstorming ideas. It can be very helpful in visualizing all the ideas which have been generated. Analogies and...
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