The Success of Starbucks

Topics: Coffee, Coffea arabica, Pike Place Market Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 15, 2005
Whether it is to relieve stress, take a break from work, or socialize, coffee has become an integral part of American culture. Since Americans tend to be impatient and selfish with their time, Starbucks has helped make coffee a convenient product. No matter where you are, you are likely to find a Starbucks and its distinct flavor nearby. Opening its first location in Seattle's Pike Place Market in 1971, Starbucks has become a well-known company offering a variety of fresh, rich-brewed, Italian style espresso beverages, pastries, and confections, and coffee-related accessories and equipment. Since the opening of their first international store in Vancouver, Canada in 1987, Starbucks has been expanding to the global market ever since.

Starbucks has made several advancements that have contributed to their success throughout the years. Some of which include the fact that they buy only the finest Arabica coffee beans that meets their rigorous standards for high quality. These specialty beans are grown at an altitude above 3500 feet in the shade. Customers are willing to pay high prices for their coffee based on Starbucks promise to deliver exceptional quality. Many measures are needed to sustain and strengthen the farms and communities that produce high-quality coffee. Starbucks believes that the success of the farmers with whom they do business is a critical component of their success. Therefore, they take an integrated approach to ensure long-term sustainability of quality coffee while building mutually beneficial relationships with coffee farmers and communities with which they work. This includes paying premium prices to help farmers support their families. Collaborating with farmers through the Farmer Support Center to provide technical support and training that promotes high-quality coffee for the future. They also purchase shade grown and certified coffees (Fair Trade Certified) to promote responsible environmental or economic efforts....
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