The Success of Prada

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In 1913 Mario Prada first introduced the Prada brand into the fashion World in Milan, Italy. Prada outlets can be found World wide and are very influential in the fashion world. Prada is a high class luxury clothing and apparel company. However, the first products by Prada were handbags, suitcases, shoes and trunks with the main focus being high quality leather1. In 1978 Miuccia Prada, Mario's granddaughter, took over the company. During her take over of the company, they had been struggling against competition of Gucci.

Prada needed a new look and Miuccia was just the person to help refocus the company on a new look. Though, Miuccia did not have any education in fashion, she did have a degree and political science and a natural knack for designing. The first step under new management was to regain a foothold against the competition and redesign some of Prada's old favorites. The black classic prada handbag was the first product to help Prada take gain footing against the competition. The handbag was so popular and so expensive that it erupted a large amount of knockoffs that helped Prada become even more popular2.

Ten years later Prada entered into the fashion market with the popular and sexual low cut tops and short skirts. The fashion World could not ignore the trendy sexual line of clothes and it helped to make Prada an even more popular company. Prada's first time on the runway in 1989 was very successful. The high quality fabric, basic colors and simple elegance caught the public’s eye. Prada's silver triangle symbol at this time became a recognized symbol of upper class elegance.

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In Pradas attempt to move up the ranks as a high powered clothing company, it over extending itself by trying to take over to many fashion houses all at once, leaving the company in great financially stress. In 1990 Prada attempted to takeover Fendi but was unable to make a financial turn around and lost the Fendi label.

In 2007, Prada joined in with Electronics a cell phone maker and createe the LG Prada (KE850) phone, retailing for $800 dollars.

Today Prada carries a full line of men and womens clothing along with, purses, sunglasses, cell phones, shoes, perfume and accessories.

The Devil Wears Prada :

 1.   Background :

The movie “ The Devil Wears Prada “, as subtly suggested by the title, is set in the backdrop of the myriad world of top notch haute couture houses – an ostensibly uber world where pretensions and facades rule the roost, where interpersonal dynamics change as frequently as the clothes, and where sartorial prowess is the inviolable barometer of one’s finesse, or the lack of it. The intricacies of such a world are delectably intertwined with the story of a simple, ambitious girl, Andrea, who happens to cajole Miranda, the fastidious and stern head honcho of a prominent fashion magazine, Runway, into employing her. Employed she is, and her initial period is anything but smooth. An exacting boss, coupled with sneering colleagues, makes it dawn upon Andrea that in this fashion bubble of a world, the way to anyone’s heart, or good books atleast, is to toe the sartorial line. A dramatic image overhaul transpires, aided by Miranda’s Man Friday, Nigel,   and Andrea then experiences a smorgasbord of novel reactions from others , both explicit and otherwise.

She starts brimming with confidence & ebullience, and despite her bosses’ rigorous idiosyncrasies, never shows signs of crumbling. In short, the image makeover affects both her professional and personal lives in varying degrees, and even though she momentarily feels that the world is her oyster, she is not prepared for what she eventually would encounter in life.

This movie, replete with dialogues, is actually also choc-a-bloc with a plethora of portents of non-verbal communication, and this paper attempts to analyse the same.

Prada Phone

Background of The Prada Phone by LG
The Prada Phone by LG  ...

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
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