The study of North Korean defectors' human rights

Topics: Sociology, South Korea, North Korea Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: October 11, 2013

1. Summary of reading materials
Sociology of religion is the discipline to deal with the interaction between individuals, society and religion. Looking over the interaction of each factor is important to understand the dynamic within society. Society consists of individuals and individuals constitute society. Religion is deeply related to society and individuals as well. Therefore, there are some interesting and significant questions in this area. Above all, “who am I” is one of the essential questions that shapes individuals in society. This question is about the identity of individuals. In society, the formation of an individual identity relates to others’ perspective of him or herself. The identity of someone that others notice, recognize, and judge reflects back to him or her, then he or she accepts it as his or her own identity. Therefore, the ground of forming individual identity is usually social, cultural, and historical. That is, the formation of an individual identity is affected by surrounding people and settings, and there can be various recognitions of an individual identity formed by others and multiple social milieus. What this means is that identity is “located” or “embedded” in society and can be ambivalent. Consequently, one’s social position can be dominant or subordinate depending on the situations. This division of the dominant and the subordinate always takes place by social, religious and physical categories. When people have relationship with others, they are accustomed to categorizing them as men or women, black or white, and Christian or not. In this process, relative discriminations happen by the dominant group because they hold power to affect the structure of society. Dominant group members in society rarely mention their category such as being white, male, and Christian because they tend not to be able to recognize their status as a dominant member of society. On the contrary, subordinate groups often mention their identity...

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North Korean Defectors Index, Statistic Korea. Last modified July 25, 2013.
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