The Struggle of Moving Up

Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Social class Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: November 12, 2013
The Struggle of Moving Up
The Society we reside in includes a social structure that can define an individual by their social status. With this specification you can characterize an individual’s identity for each social class. First there is the high class group of people who have excellent jobs that deliver an extensive amount of income to provide a lavish lifestyle. Then there is the middle class who can manage their life with the income that they make and live comfortably without too much worry. Lastly there is the lower class group who strive to survive but can barely make it with the income that they bring home.

At times it can feel as if there will never be a better chance of finding financial freedom for the lower class people. They work minimum wage paying jobs that can barely support a lifestyle. There are quite a few factors you have to look at when considering what it takes to live a life. For example you must have a place to live, food and water to survive, transportation and the cost of transportation to go places and of course everyone has to have a little bit of entertainment. These are just the bare minimums of the costs for living and making minimum wage is sometimes just not enough for a person to survive. Sometimes people come to the assumption that maybe these people deserve this because they are not smart enough or just do not want to work hard.

A successful journalist named Barbra Ehrenreich had her doubts of this theory and left her upper-middle-class job to experience the life with a low-wage job. As she started to pursue this new lifestyle she realized that low wage job workers were not what they are presumed to be. She noticed that these workers are just as hardworking, intelligent, clever and funny as people in high waged jobs. If these low wage workers really wanted to obtain a higher wage job it would be completely possible but there is one issue in most of the time. These low wage workers feel as if that is the highest they...
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