The Struggle Being American Latino

Topics: United States, Hispanic and Latino Americans, White American Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Asian and Latino Americans

Throughout the world’s existence there have been many different cultures that have submerged. In modern day there are Native Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans and so on. Within the different cultures, each one has their own different rituals, customs, social-economic status, political views, and cultural beliefs. In the different cultures there are several ways that the differentiation can be distinguishably inferred about the two cultures. Throughout this research paper a new light will be shed upon Asian Americans and Latino Americans based upon the information given. The two cultures will be compared and contrasted, discussed, and understood in a new light. SOCIAL

There are several different ways that the Asian Americans and the Latino Americans are alike; for example the Asian Americans and the Latino Americans are all minorities, meaning they are all outnumbered by another culture and or race. According to the Government Census Asian Americans make up 3.6 percent of the United States population and 51 % of those Asians are immigrants, meaning they have come here from another country. With the Latino Americans they make up a small but large portion of the United States population in comparison to the Asian Americans. According to Harvard University Latin Americans make up 11.2 percent of the United States population, and although this is a larger percentage than the Asian Americans the percentage is still low enough for both cultures to be considered minorities in society. Another thing that the two cultures have in common is their subgroups which are affiliated with them. For instance with the Asian Americans, some of their subgroups would be the Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, and Koreans. On the other hand, with Latino Americans some of their subgroups would be considered to be Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Salvadorans, and Cubans. The first Asian Americans to come to America came in 1880...
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