The Streets of Vietnam – a Fatality Every 45 Minutes

Topics: Pedestrian, Parking space, Bus Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Rewrite a critical response essay to the article ‘The Streets of Vietnam – a Fatality Every 45 Minutes’ The traffic situation in Vietnam has become a burden to not only citizens but also the government due to its high number of fatalities from accidents. In the article ‘The Streets of Vietnam – a Fatality Every 45 Minutes’, published in Siam regional Review (October, 2007), Milers Walker suggests several solutions to reduce traffic injuries issues in Vietnam. This essay will critically respond to three of his primary arguments. Walker asserts that a significant rise in petrol tax can decrease `the amount of discretionary travel’ and also contribute to the government’s revenue, which may be used to upgrade and build more transport systems. However, he fails to consider the fact that almost all people ride motorbikes to travel to work, to school or even to visit relatives and motorbikes are considered the most suitable vehicle for transport in Vietnam. Meanwhile, an increase in petrol tax might not decrease the number of vehicles but it may put more financial pressure on the poor who also have demands to travel. Furthermore, although the benefits of improving infrastructure cannot be ignored, the author does not give any evidence to illustrate how much it would cost and how long it would take the government to develop these systems. The author further argues that introducing compulsory stringent licensing regulations, which include practical and safe driving skills, the rise in the age of drivers to twenty, limiting speed and minimizing the number of people per motorbike, can be other effective ways to reduce traffic accidents. While his suggestion seems very convincing, he marginalizes people who have just got the age of consent, which is eighteen in Vietnam. They are considered mature enough to be responsible for their decisions, so they ought to have the right to ride motorbikes. Also, in addition to limiting the number of people per motorbike, to adapt...
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