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Executive Summary

Different sectors of household care in Malaysia are exhibiting different degrees of growth. In 2002, the value of growth for matured products, such as laundry care, insecticides, chlorine bleach and dishwashing products are driven downwards by price discounting. On the other hand as urban consumers are getting more sophisticated, household care sectors such as air fresheners and toilet care products experienced robust growth. New products such as electric air fresheners and fragrance liquids have boosted this growth. The top 2 players in Malaysia that are competing in the household care sectors are Reckitt Benckiser (M) Sdn Bhd and Sara Lee (M) Sdn Bhd. Both companies market surface care products, insecticides, air fresheners and polishes.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets became the main channel for household care products. Hypermarkets such as Giant, Carrefour and newly joined Tesco, has all continued their aggressive expansion plans in urban areas to attract urban consumers to a one-stop shopping outlet. The channels of distribution are abundant and almost at every sales outlet, the competitors are just next to you. Therefore, to be top of the consumers shopping list is to create an impact on the consumer to remember the brand and values that the product offers.

Analyzing market opportunities, developing strategies, shaping the market offering, managing and delivering marketing programs are all a part of putting together a strategic marketing plan. The marketing plan must adapt to the new economy that builds customer satisfaction and value by successfully targeting the right consumers and retaining them for repeat purchases while exploring and securing new ones. The plan focuses on the branding strategies, buying behavior of consumers, marketing mix programs as well as to meet its marketing objectives bearing in mind that the plan is linear to the corporate objectives.


Prepare a strategic marketing plan that specifies the exact manner in which a company can advance its product/brand position within a period of one year.

The plan, which may be prepared for your own company or a product-market of tour choice, must include the following areas:

1.Background of the Company

2.A marketing audit of the company's internal and external environment

3.A SWOT analysis

4.Target market strategy

5.Positioning strategy

6.Marketing Objectives

7.Marketing strategies

8.Marketing mix programs

9.Implementation issues


Table of Contents


1.Executive Summary 1

2.Assignment Topic 2

3.Table of Contents 3

4.Introduction 4

5.The Company's Background 5

6.The Product 6

7.The Internal And External Environment Marketing Audit 7 - 8

8.SWOT Analysis 9 - 11

9.Target Market Strategy12 - 15

10.Positioning Strategy16 - 17

11.Marketing Objectives 18

12.Marketing Strategies19 - 22

13.Marketing Mix Programs23 - 28

14.Implementation Issues29 - 32

15.Controls 33

16.Conclusion/Recommendations 34


17.References on information 35 - 36
gathered for this assignment.

18.Appendices I & II


Marketing is the task of creating, promoting, and delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses. A strategic marketing plan helps an organization to define its goals and develop a series of activities to achieve those goals. This assignment is a proposed marketing plan for Chicago-based Sara Lee Corporation's subsidiary, Sara Lee Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., which is aimed at advancing one of its 26 brand name products either in market share or brand position, Ambi Pur.

Consumers are more aware of the importance of keeping surroundings clean and...

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