The Strategic Management Process for Change in the 21st Century

Topics: Strategic management, Customer service, Management Pages: 5 (1869 words) Published: August 27, 2010
The Strategic Management Process for Change in the 21st Century MBA 5101 Strategic Management and Business Policy


The purpose of this paper is to explore the mindset of companies in the twenty first century that are unwilling to change from their current belief, which is one that except downsizing vs. reutilizing their workforce. Today there are too many top levels executive or CEO’s that feel that it would be hard to do more with less. However if they are to succeed and grow then this is a must for them. Today company leaders need to find innovative ways of doing more with less due to the rising cost of energy. Some businesses that once show a profit are now force to find ways to do more with less or go out of business. This paper will a look at how managing change by using Strategic Planning and the strategic management process, and by providing recommendations. My goal is to try and show how these business practices could help reduce redundancy and also help improve useless waste and efficiency, to help the show profits and to keep their heads above water.

In today’s high tech world filled with new technology and global communications how do you implement some new kind of business practices and techniques for management to use? I see that the problem is just as confusing as the solution. The goal is to try and implement some new technology that could help improve with customer service and also help reduce cost. There is also need for a comprehensive balanced approach that focused on obtaining the tangible results that equal success. Man-Tech Corporation is a comprehensive logistic company, which is concern about how to improve the company and make it more competitive. Management wants to look at ways of improving Man – Tech Corporation to make it more competitive in today market. Something that the company needs to start looking at is improving their product and service needs to be better than their competition. They need to look at the following area, (functionality, availability, quality and reliability), their customers need to be aware of these advantages. Some of these factors are directly related to the service and its design- its fitness for purpose and its aesthetics and desirability. The others are more related to the way in which it’s produced and delivered. Ideally they need to have product that are more pleasing and service to meet the needs of the market you are targeting. We need to produce it in the most efficient manner so that you can offer it to our customers at an advantageous price, and deliver it to customers as soon as possible. The old ways of doing are gone; today we have more technology, which has enabled operators to automate many processes that were previously dealt with by people. One problem is how can we use this new technology to provide a higher quality of customer service? Some recommendation are, the improvements in voice recognition and call-routing technologies which will allow for the creation of voice activated portals, allowing customers to perform a range of task, from simple bill enquires to more complex line -fault diagnosis and reporting. The main challenge for Man-Tech Corporation in the years ahead is to balance the cost of the increasing expertise required to support a line of products and service, while providing these at an ever lower cost. LogZone Technology is a company that encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to product that are non-toxic used for cleaning. Recommendations, we need to go green, going green has its rewards and benefits. For one it leads to an increase in profits. More and more Companies are starting to become...

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