The Story Of Tracy Beaker

Topics: Foster care, Jacqueline Wilson, American film actors Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: November 27, 2014
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to our press conference for the launch of our new fiction text, “The story of Tracy Beaker” by Jacqueline Wilson. The book was awarded as Blue Peter People’s Choice Awards in 2002. Afterwards, the BBC, a famous TV company, has made a TV adaptation of the book. Perhaps you’d like to know more about what made the text a success, wouldn’t you? Let’s begin with the interesting content. At the Start, Tracy has been adopted by Julie and Ted. They stop fostering Tracy until they have a baby. Then, she is fostered by Aunty Peggy, an uncaring foster parent. This results in her going back to Children ‘s care home. Also, she finds her old best friend Louise is now the friend of her enemy, Justine. In the end, how Tracy solves those problems? Grab the chance to read this fascinating book and find out the answers! Apart from the background of this book, I wonder whether you would be impressed by the characterization. Tracy is a rude girl. She likes to shout at and annoying people. Moreover, she has shut the baby up in the cupboard before, which makes Ted and Julie stop fostering her. Also, Tracy breaks Justine's Mickey Mouse clock, which her dad gives her. Despite her rudeness, Tracy is talented in writing. When she writes letters to a woman called Cam Lawson, Cam praises her and said Tracy’s letters made her laughed and added that Tracy was a born writer. It seems Tracy is not bad at all. If I were you, I would purchase this fantastic book and see how weird can Tracy be. I’m sure that the crazy things she does must make you laugh, don’t you want to relax yourself? The other element that makes the fiction text a success is the theme of the book. Originally, Tracy is not so popular among those kids, or I should say that many kids hate Tracy. However, when her attitude changes, kids try to accept her and make friends with her. This just tells us that people treat you as you treat them. Therefore, it reminds us to treat people from our...
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