The Story of the Cruel Princess

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Question: After days and nights of anguished deliberation", the princess makes her decision of what door she will direct the young man to. What do you think her decision is? Explain, using evidence from the story, to support your opinion.

The only crime of the young man was that he loved the princess. Just because of this he was forced to play the game of life and death by the barbaric, uncivilized king who never valued human lives. The king's method of trying criminal was that he had two doors in an arena and behind one door there was a hungry, savage tiger and behind the other a woman picked by him. If the accused person opened the door with the tiger, he was eaten. If he opened the door with the lady - he had to marry her with out any complaints. The accused young man had to depend on the princess's decision, who could've saved the young man's life by telling him which door to open.

I think the princess directed the young man to the door of death. The princess that we are talking about was the daughter of the king, so it is easy to see that barbarism was in her blood. She knew the woman that the king picked for the young man and she hated her. The princess believed that the woman that was picked was trying to have an affair with the young man from the beginning and the princess never wanted something like this to happen. If she cann't even see the young man talking to some other woman then how can she watch him get married with some one who she hated? To the princess it was not a question of saving the young man from the jaws of death, it was about her own win.

I believe the semi barbaric princess pushed the young man's life into the door of death because she could never see him happy with some one else. I think the princess looked at the situation from this point of view -- if the young man dies, he just dies. But if he lives -- he lives with someone else and this would haunt the princess for the rest of her life.
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