The Story of My Life

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The Story of My Life
Shelisha Mitchum
Psy 202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
Instructor Jaime Kulaga

The Story of My Life
I.           Where are you from?
A. Born and raised in northeastern Ohio       
B.  Middle child of four siblings
C.  Raised in a single parent home
II.        What did you want to become when you grew up? A.  Experienced some life changing events
B.  Wanted to attend Syracuse University
C.  Gained insight on what to do with my future
III.       What did you do after you left school?
A.  Took summer off
B.  Joined the Air Force
C.  Spent time getting trained
IV.       Do you have your own family now?
A. Met spouse overseas

B.  Had a small wedding ceremony
C.  Relocated to Utah
D.  Had two daughters
V.        What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? A.  Maintain a pleasant environment for my family
B.  Obtain a lucrative job
C.  Ultimate goal is to eventually earn a Master’s Degree

The story of my life
Through the process of my essay my ultimate goal is to provide details of situations I have experienced, and to give insight into events that led up to the individual I am today. I feel that everyone endures their own set of issues that plague them throughout their childhood, but these events whether negative or positive do not have to consume you. There will always be a way to overcome adversity, and I am living proof. My name is Shelisha Mitchum, I was born in a small northeastern town named Warren, which is located in Ohio. With a population of roughly 217,000 people. I have 3 sisters through my mother, and at least 2 brothers from my father. I do not have much knowledge of my father’s relatives, or their whereabouts. However I am close to my sisters, Casey is the oldest, than myself, Tiarra, and then Stephanie. Like a majority of African American families, I was raised in a single parent home. My mother and father had their differences and eventually separated. And I, the innocent child was left fatherless. I have heard several stories from relatives on why the split up, but only God knows the truth. Growing up in a single parent home was not only difficult for my mother, but for us girls as well. We had relatives that lived nearby, but were not always reliable. So we ended up at my grandmother’s house a majority of the time. As a child she always seemed so angry, and visiting her made me miserable. Even though I was young, I could still see how differently she treated us girls, in comparison to the boys in the family. She favored them, but I never understood why. During my time in grade school I can attest to the fact that I was not the smartest child in the class, but I can reflect on how hard I tried. My mother had a bad habit of comparing my efforts to my sisters. I resented that, but more importantly it made me feel inadequate. I knew I did not learn at the same pace as they did, but I tried and that’s what mattered to me. All the derogatory names she called me as a child, created an animosity which made me lash out at others. I knew subjects such as english, history, and certain sciences came easy to me, whereas math proved to be very challenging throughout the course of schooling career. Once I made it to middle school, 7th grade to be exact, my mother withdrew me from all my classes and placed me in a program called “school within a school”. What the program consisted of was a more hands on approach for struggling students. Although I was still learning 7th grade material, I was still upset. However she felt strongly that this was the solution for me, overall I do not regret being placed in the program, but it came as a shock because she hadn’t mentioned anything about the program to me. Once I reached 8th grade and above I had little to no issues with academics, with one exception, math. Ohio administered state tests for high school students, this tests were known as proficiency test. I...

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