The Story of Job and the Five Stages of Grief

Topics: Kübler-Ross model, Grief, Denial Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: September 1, 2013
The Story of Job and the Five Stages of Grief

At some point in our lives we will all experience the grievance process, be it a loved one or a pet. It's important to understand the grieving process so that when the time comes, we can understand what exactly is going on inside of ourselves, and also to be able to help others when they are experiencing grief. The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross model lists the five stages of grievance as being denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. (Kübler-Ross, 1969). Not everyone will experience these emotions in this particular order, or even at all. (MARROW, 2009) Denial is explained as refusing to accept facts and information, and having a different view of the reality of the situation. Many people experience the denial stage when they or their loved one is told that they are sick and not going to make it. It's hard to argue with facts once death has occurred, but for many people they may continue to be in denial until the end is near or occurs. The next stage is anger. People who are sick or watching a loved one die may be angry at themselves or others. They may try to find another person or thing to place the blame of their reality on. They can be very upset with themselves or doctors or other relatives. As caregivers, it's important to be accepting of this stage of grievance and not be judgmental when people who are grieving come off as cold and rude, the patient has to experience this stage of grief in their own way, and work through it in their own time so their harsh words should not be taken to heart. Bargaining is the next stage of grievance. Everybody wants more time. They may bargain with God, with pleas such as, "If you just give me more time, I promise I will quit smoking and eat healthier, please oh please!" People who are not generally religious may become more religious during this stage, in hopes of making a peace offering with a higher power to give them more time here on Earth. Next on...

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