The Story of Hour

Topics: Husband, Thought, English-language films Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: May 21, 2013
I chose the story “ The Story Of Hour”. Louise Mallard had a troubled heart, but needs to be told by her sister, Josephine, anxiously the news of her husband’s death. Richards, Louise’s husband’s friend, heard of the railroad disaster when he was in the newspaper office and saw Brently, Louise’s husband, on the list of those who had been killed. Louise goes up to her room alone once Josephine tells her about Brently’s death. Later on, Josephine comes to her door, begging Louise to come out. Moments after she walks out of the room and starts walking down the stairs with her sister, where Richard was waiting. Suddenly, the front door opens, and Brently walks in. He hadn’t been killed in the accident, or even been aware of what happened. In shock, Josephine screams, Richards tried to block Louise from seeing him, but was unsuccessful. Louise was so happy, that she had a heart attack and when doctors arrived was pronounced dead. The way the author wrote the story, was giving the reader a sad feeling from the moment when the accident was mentioned. But by the end of the story, she turns it around and haves us not only confused but in shock. Meeting Louise Mallard first, as the wife, and having heart problems you think that she has a rough time with things. Then following with the sister, Josephine, and the husbands friend Richard, we an tell that they care very much for Louise. Just by the way they wanted to tell Louise of the tragic accident, and were worried of how she would take it. You meet last Brently, having went the whole story, assuming he was killed in the train accident, he comes through the door, not knowing what happened. His first thought, of going to his wife, not thinking of her heart condition, you could guess he loved her and just wanted a moment with her. The author also made it very easy to visualize everything, by being so descriptive, I could picture everything Louise was seeing outside the window of her bedroom.
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