The Story of an Hour and a Sorrowful Woman: the Plight of Women

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Narrator Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: December 11, 2010
The Story of an Hour and A Sorrowful Woman: the plight of women

From time to time, marriage is not always bring happiness to a couple, also makes a couple to be imprisoners with the commitment. The marital bonds of intimacy, respect, and trust must be developed, nurtured and enforced. When this fails, most couples are given a chance to make important changes. In a sorrowful woman, character of a woman is center around the idea of marriage, motherhood and housewife. As the author begins actually with an epigram emphasizing with the ironic of the plot “once upon a time, there was a wife and mother one too many”. The secluded woman had already the fulfillment of being married and having a child, but was now at the point of not wanting that kind of life anymore. The woman is unhappy with her marriage and isolates herself from her family. She is being so sad and depressing. The loneliness and solitude was that she had wanted out of her family member role throughout the story. She was placed to bed the first night and was given a sleeping draught that was guaranteed to put her to rest swiftly after informing her husband that she wanted to be away and out of the sight of him and their little boy. She could not any longer fulfill her role of being a mother to her child. She did not know how to be a loving mother to him anymore. For many days straight the wife remained there alone and only appears to wonder throughout the house aimlessly a few short times when the house was vacant. She seems to be a very selfish and self-centered person who cares only for herself. It seems like the end of her world. I mean she doesn’t want to improve or fix her relationship with her husband and also she ends up her duty with her child. In contrast, I see that the woman, Mrs. Mallard, in the story of an hour has a different moment from the wife in sorrowful woman story. She is a normal housewife who depends on her husband. The news of her husband's death gives her freedom and sets her...
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