The Story Of An Hour

Topics: Narrative, Character, Protagonist Pages: 1 (461 words) Published: October 14, 2013
1. The main character of the story is Mrs Mallard, who can be also described as a developing character. In short time she changes dramatically from a wife bended with a powerful will of her husband into free, independent woman that wants to enjoy her life. In the story there are also two flat characters: Mrs Mallard’s sister Josephine and friend Richard who don’t really mean much. The husband appears in the last lines of the story however he’s somehow present during all the action so he could be desrcibed as a round character. 2. In exposition the narrator introduces main characters and gives a reader a general outline of what exactly happened earlier. Then, we have a comlication where get to know Mrs Mallard’s feeling and thoughts about her near future. The moment of Brently Mallard’s entrance is the climax of ‘’The story of an hour”. The resolution comes with the heart attact of Mrs Mallard and her death. 3. We can be sure that the time of the story is spring as the narrator describes the view from the window- breath of rain, trees aquiver with the new spring life and blue sky. This new spring life has a symbolic meaning for Louise – she also starts a new life, without her husband.The action is set in Mallard’s house – it is mentioned that Mrs Mallard locked in her own room. She also behaves like the owner of the house. 4. There is certainly a conflict between Louise and her position, the social role she plays. Her marriage doesn’t, go the right way, she isn’t even sure if she loves her husband or not. The feeling of dissatisfaction and boredom accompanies her all the time. 5. The author of the story uses narration in the third person. The narrator knows everything about main characters, That gives us a clear view of their feelings and relationships connecting them. The narration in the third person also gives the author the opportunity to maintain some sort of distance to the story. He doesn’t describe his own point of view, the reader has to interprete...
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