The Story

Topics: Mother, Family, English-language films Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: January 15, 2013
GYY75UU8JKIKL,EREDEGTDX CBCD NR,C“The MMMoooooooooo,MK lost of a brother” Nothing brought more happiness than her mother but when it came to her dad she felt like she was with nobody except that it was difficult to talk to her dad because he didn’t like to speak. But she never felt like that before with her mom until today. Some voice was telling her just to stay with her mom but Alice knew something bad was coming. “Hey Alice what are doing outside in this rainy cold day?” “Hmm...” said Alice She didn’t know what to say she just stood frozen there but then Robert grabbed her to the house and just said “Alice we need to have a talk?”Well Alice now that you have become older you can decide who you are going to live with?”But she wanted want to live with both of her parents and it made her feel uncomfortable.

Every time she learns different things from her family and Alice always took it in different kinds of ways. She never thought that her dad would’ve ever asked her that until today. “hey Alice are you okay or do you need more time to figure this out because you look kind of surprised” said her father. She had to take a decision and she couldn’t live with her own mother although she loved her because she didn’t like her step father Seth but she couldn’t neither live with her father because his job was to work as a police man and investigating criminals and since her dad was always working she didn’t like to stay home alone because the last time Alice stayed at her dad’s house and she was alone the structure of the house seemed to sway in the breeze, a sharp creak coming from the boards. Shingles were hanging off the roof, creating what looked like black icicles. The wooden columns on either side of the porch were crooked, deep cracks breaking through their rough and worn surface. That is what Alice remembered the last time she went to her dad’s frightening house.

Alice heard the phone ring and she picked it up. An unfamiliar voice said “your...
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