The Storm

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Kate Chopin, Short story Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Kate Chopin’s “the Storm” analysis on division significance
The short story “the storm” is a story of a women’s sexuality and the love of the character Calixta and her partner Alcee. Chopin deliberately attempted to build curiosity into the reader and ambiguity in the end by revolving the entire story within the time frame of a Storm. Everything in the story happens during and because of the storm. Chopin uses symbolism and suspense by revealing different moods, and excitement of characters at various sections in the story, and breaks the suspense as the storm passes. The story is presented in five sections, as each section represents a different stage of the storm. This technique is very useful as it increases suspense by giving symbolism clues to the reader in each section. Chopin explains the symbolism that Calixtas sexual passion is like a storm on itself, relatable to the actual storm occurring in the story. In that her passion is wild and furious not unlike the storm.

The first Section of the story describes a storm approaching as Calixtas husband and son are stuck in a nearby store. The first sentence gives the reader a clue to the incoming storm. “The leaves were so still that even Bibi thought it was going to rain”. However overall the title “the Storm” refers to the nature of Calixtas sexual passion being furious and explosive like the storm literally occurring in the story. To Calixtas husband, lovemaking and the passion that was towed with it was sudden and quick, much like the approaching of the storm. This fact conflicts with Calixtas wild passion as it is unpredictable. And is restrained by her marital status. The storm is a symbol of passion and which will return again and again on the intent of destroying her marital life, however success is not imminent. The first section is the building up of not only the literal storm, but the storm of passion inside Calixta. This first division benefits the tale because it relieves...
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