The Storm

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Storm Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Drake Nash
English 1302

“The Storm”

In the story “The Storm”, I believe the physical setting plays a large part. The storm begins to occur during the day and we know this because it is bright enough for Bobinot to notice the change in the clouds, and also because at the end of the story it states that the storm was over and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems. The storm was basically a key force in the events that took place throughout the story. For starters everything occurred because of the storm. For instance, Bobinot and Bibi would have not stayed at the store if they had not seen the clouds rolling in. If Bobinot and Bibi had not seen the storm coming around, they would have been at home when Calixta’sex-flame stopped by their house to also seek shelter from the rain. The setting influences the characters behavior toward each other as well. The fact that Alcee, Calixta’s ex-flame had to seek shelter from the rain in her home, gave them both the opportunity to confront their old feelings alone for the first time since Calixta had married Bobinot. At the same time that Calixta and Alcee are forced to be alone in the home together, she is also worried about the safety of her husband and son. The fact that the storm is heavily coming down affects all the characters emotional state. Bobinot and Bibi were facing some emotional state because they knew Calixta would be feeling uneasy wondering where they were. At home Calixta is wondering if Bobinot and Bibi were able to seek shelter from the storm in time, or were they caught in the rain. I feel that Calixta’s emotional state makes her vulnerable to the comfort of Alcee’s arms around her body. Her vulnerability motivated both her and Alcee into confronting their own storms within their lives.

Calixta, the protagonist of the story, is in conflict with her environment and ex, which act as the antagonist of the story. She is in conflict with her...
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